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Create a new service so useful that you would be willing to buy it from MMA.

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Insurance. We buy it for our health, our family, our house, our car and our possessions… We only think about it when it's time to renew, and then we forget about it. It's only when a disaster or accident happens that we get back in touch with our insurer, hoping he'll play his part and will protect and compensate us.

But what if insurance played a bigger role in our daily life, making it better and simpler?

How could people who insure their car, their home, their children or their property feel like their insurance company really is there to support them?

MMA is a leading French insurance company that wants to offer its customers ever greater and better support.

Whenever the insured party has a decision to make, and whenever an «issue» crops up, MMA can be there to help you and be of service.

We need your creativity to change the insurance world.


Think of a new service offered by MMA to make life simpler and better!

We're looking for an idea that has value; something that changes everything, and that people would be prepared to pay for, in order to reap the benefits.

That may involve one or more of the following situations:

  • Preventing a risk for you, your family or your possessions (car, house, leisure…)
  • Protection and support whenever an adverse, unforeseeable event arises involving your family or your possessions.
  • An important stage in your life: birth, death etc.
  • Adding security to your decision-making: building/buying a house, buying a car, a financial investment, your health plan etc...
  • Looking after things once an accident happens (from when disaster strikes to when it's all sorted out)

Your idea should be something that will make life simpler for MMA customers, make it better, make things more comfortable for them (like being upgraded to business class on a flight, for example).

When describing and illustrating your idea, please answer these 3 questions :

  • What needs and expectations does your idea meet?
  • What makes it innovative and original compared to what we already have?
  • What type of customer would be prepared to buy this service?



A good idea to throw into the mix: when buying a house, MMA would offer its customers a series of evaluations so that the customer has all the necessary information to successfully complete his plans: an objective opinion of the builder, site assessment, flood risk, crime statistics etc. Customers are willing to share lots of confidential information on their plans and on themselves if they know the insurer will make good use of it!

Another good idea: the service offered when the insured party gets stuck with a broken down car, or has an accident. You call your insurer, MMA, for assistance, which offers a service you have to pay for but which could save your holiday. You haven't signed up for the replacement car option, but you need it for your holiday. For a reasonable price, a replacement vehicle is taken directly to where you had your breakdown/accident so that you can continue your holiday without any worries and for as long as your holiday and/or repairs require.

A bad idea: a percentage of the insurance premium is given to a charity chosen by the customer every year. That's not what the insurance business is about.


  • #1 3,000€
  • #2 2,000€
  • #3 1,000€
  • #4 500€
  • #5 500€


Presentation of up to 5 pages, text and pictures (PDF)


We're looking for innovative service ideas that an insurance company could legitimately sell to its existing customers, or to new customers. These ideas need to be innovative and creative in the insurance world, and meet genuine customer needs.



  • Proposals should be sent in English or in French.
  • Address the 3 questions in your proposal
  • Think of services or products for individuals that will benefit the individual, their family, friends or colleagues. Do not offer services for companies and associations.
  • MMA's customers include everyone! From young people starting out in life and dynamic professional people with children, to older people with special needs. Think about services that would be helpful to one or the other, but with one idea per entry!


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