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Create a poster that helps Downy talk about freshness in a revolutionary way!

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Downy is a fabric softener brand that invites women to experience a sensorial world through their clothing by keeping it smelling/looking great and feeling fresh and new for longer. The problem is that being refreshing is something that other fabric softeners also talk about. Most of all, it is an old, familiar message that Downy has used several times in the past to promote its products. Now Downy wants to stand out from the crowd. It wants to do this by finding a completely new way to show or talk about freshness. This is your opportunity to help Downy take freshness to a whole new level.  


Create an original and innovative poster showing how Downy brings freshness to a woman’s everyday life. Be bold and think outside the box!

Come up with a great insight, create innovative visual cues and show us how freshness benefits the women who use Downy.

Downy is a brand that entices women to experience a whole sensorial world through their clothing. Clothing is very important to women. Not only does it make them feel pretty, happy and comfortable, it also helps them relive all the happy memories of experiences they’ve had while wearing them.

All these feelings, memories and experiences come flooding back to them because Downy makes clothing softer, smell great and feeling/looking like new for longer. And above all because Downy makes clothing feel fresh: smelling great, feeling soft and refreshing.

But being refreshing is something that all other fabric softeners also talk about. We need you to find a more original way to talk about it. Here are the 3 ways the message of freshness has been represented before. These are specific ideas we do not want you to follow!

  1. Showing how freshness lasts longer.
  2. Showing how freshness is multi sensorial (making clothing look, feel and smell great) for the women who wear them.
  3. Showing how women’s clothing can be instantly refreshing no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Can you find new ways of showing freshness and fragrance? Think outside the box!

The challenge is to come up with a new concept (insight, benefits, visual cues) that help Downy stand out from the crowd and talk about freshness in a unique way.

What does freshness look like? We all have seen flowers coming out of clothing when you smell it. Is there another way to represent it? Think also about how women react to it, and how it helps them perform in their everyday life or on special occasions. How does the freshness make them feel?



It is important to know that Downy aims its products at women who like to indulge themselves. So avoid portraying ideas that focus on women’s families or their partners. Instead, think of concepts that concentrate on women who use fabric softeners because they want to treat themselves to something nice.  


  • #1 4,000€
  • #2 2,000€
  • #3 1,000€
  • #4 500€
  • #5 500€


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We are looking for the most engaging and different/creative idea.  One that helps revolutionize what women understand by freshness. And definitely something that is different to what Downy and other brands have been showing so far.



- The concept and idea are as important as the quality of execution

- Keep in mind that we are looking for insights, benefits and brand cues that can be owned by Downy

- We are also looking for great visual elements that are self-explanatory.

- Avoid the 3 ideas that have been explored in the past (long lasting, instant freshness anytime/anywhere, and multi sensorial – looking, feeling + smelling great).

- The idea MUST portray a woman who treats herself, not her family or partner

- Your entry can be submitted in English, Portuguese or Spanish

- You can download the logo and packshot from the toolkit


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