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Wow us with your print ad that brings to life the water saving benefits of Comfort One Rinse!

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Over 700 million people worldwide lack a steady supply of clean water. In these countries, this lack of water leads to women spending countless hours collecting water. What for? Cooking of course, but also for laundry, an activity that uses 30% of the total amount of domestic water. Of this 30%, 75% is used only for rinsing. Often, several buckets of water are used just to rinse detergent from fabrics. This water is wasted.

Add to that the changes in weather patterns brought on by global warming and even developed countries face pressure to conserve water as they experience longer droughts.

Unilever believes they can help reduce the amount of water that is used, by designing products that require less rinsing. Laundry habits can be changed easily to make families save water.

Comfort is a fabric conditioner. Its technology called “One Rinse” reduces the water needed for rinsing from 3 to 4 buckets to only 1. Developed to dramatically reduce the amount of foam left in fabrics after washing, the fabric conditioner requires just one bucket of water to get items fully clean with long-lasting fragrance. So, a family can save up to 30 liters of water on every hand-washed load.

Comfort’s mission to help families save time, money, and water has started well, with huge potential for more homes to make the most of every drop.

This new technology could be very compelling to many people who are looking for solutions to save water whether by compulsion (because water is scarce) or by choice. That’s right, even people who live in a country where water is not scarce could be interested in Comfort One Rinse. Because they are conscious about sustainability, the technology in One Rinse appeals to them. They believe that, if everyone used One Rinse, the contribution to water conservation would be big! They would think: “Because I care for water—everywhere in the world—I support Comfort One Rinse!”

How can we convince these different types of populations (water scarce and non water scarce) that Comfort saves water without just saying: “It reduces water consumption by X%?” Can you help bring to life the water saving benefits of Comfort One Rinse in a more creative way?  


Find an impactful yet  emotionally engaging way to introduce Comfort One Rinse and its water saving benefits in a global campaign idea that you will illustrate in a print ad.

We’re asking you to find a creative concept, expressed in a print ad that could work for different people and scenarios: 

  1. People in water scarce countries
  2. who wash (and rinse) clothes by hand and are able to see the benefits of One Rinse very clearly
  3. who use washing machines where the benefits of One Rinse are not evident
  4. People in non-water scarce countries: for them the benefit is not directly necessary, but can be made very appealing.

You need to find a campaign idea – not only create a good looking print ad but think up something bigger, that has the potential to last long and to be developed in many different ways, such as store displays, promotions, digital activities, events, roadshows, etc.

Tell us what your campaign is about, how it works and how it is implemented in different scenarios—how would consumers know about it, in what ways would consumers engage with the product, how they could participate in events…   

We are looking for ideas that are more creative and inventive than product demos, or just focusing on stating water saving benefits in a very factual manner. It needs to be something that touches minds and hearts of people, something that convinces them. Think about parallels, metaphors…



With Comfort One Rinse fabric conditioner consumers only need one bucket to wash clothes, not three.

In an attempt to reach out to people who have to cope with minimal water, for instance in Vietnam, a good campaign could be around the idea of “water heroes.” The idea is to show how buying Comfort One Rinse would make you a water hero. You would save time, energy and money by saving water. The print ad would show how ordinary people are becoming water heroes by adopting Comfort One Rinse and how this is improving their lives. On the ground, there could be a contest to have the most water heroes in a city or town. In stores, there could be a promotion to give away “water hero” masks. Online you could have water hero badges; on Facebook you could nominate your friend to become a water hero.

If you apply the idea to non-water scarce countries, you could imagine that a consumer in the UK could use Comfort One Rinse and become a Water Hero, he goes to a website to see the benefits of his action and takes the pledge. There would be a website with a water gauge that is filled with a drop every time someone buys Comfort One Rinse. It’s a way to visualize that your efforts are useful and that you’re part of water conservation.

Another way to convince people in non water scarce countries would be for Comfort One Rinse to send two buckets of water to Vietnam for instance, for every pack of Comfort One Rinse that they buy.  


  • #1 3,000€
  • #2 1,500€
  • #3 500€


Print ad & text: Images, illustrations and text (5 pages max. PDF only).


eYeka will only accept submissions that find a clever creative idea, expressed visually and that suggest the best mechanics to support this idea by engaging consumers. Unilever will pay great attention to the depth of the thinking behind your idea. The quality of the visual itself is not the top winning criterion.



  • Here’s how Comfort One Rinse works: When Comfort One Rinse fabric conditioner is added to the first bucket of rinse it neutralizes the AD (Active Detergent) and soda that causes stickiness and soapiness to eliminate the need for further rinsing. In addition to this, Comfort One Rinse leaves clothes looking new and smelling fresh for up to 14 days after washing.
  • Want to know more about Comfort One Rinse? Look it up here.
  • You can watch this video:
  • Download logo and product pictures from this toolkit.
  • Entries are accepted in English.
  • Your submission should include at least a print ad (visual) and some explanation about your campaign idea, and how it will be implemented.


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