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Show us how the strength and beauty of Downy/Lenor detergent keeps clothes fresh and beautiful.

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2015年06月28日(日) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


When it comes to laundry, removing stains and getting fully clean clothes is the minimum people expect. You need strength to remove tough stains. But you need more than strength… then the whole experience gets more interesting. Downy/Lenor detergent is the beauty brand of the laundry shelf! It’s like make-up for your clothes: something that makes clothes more beautiful and more sensory.

After all, it’s just like women… all women are beautiful. They look for beauty all around them. They enjoy crafting looks that reflect who they are, they style their hair, they embellish their apartment, etc. But not only are they beautiful, they’re also strong! Strong when they are daring and inspiring mothers, strong when they are busy workers and passionate leaders, strong when they are loving girlfriends, strong whatever they do, because women are inspired to meet their goals whatever they do!

Beauty and strength is also the motto of Downy/Lenor detergent.

Downy/Lenor is originally a fabric conditioner brand. It’s a very trusted brand that people love. When they first launched their detergent brand, it was not communicated the way it deserved being.

Can you help reverse the situation and find the great creative execution that will make Downy/Lenor the “beauty and strength” detergent brand?


Show us in a poster how Downy/Lenor’s unique blend of beauty and strength keeps clothes fresh and beautiful for longer.

The goal is to find a creative idea to express the added value of the brand in order to make people adopt it instead of the detergent brand they currently use!

Remember, Downy/Lenor is the beauty brand of laundry! Not only is it very efficient for removing dirt but it is sensorial and it makes clothes people love to be in.

You need to find an idea that is original and that is not only focused on functionality. Of course Downy/Lenor detergent cleans and removes stains! That’s the minimum. But it is sensory and indulgent to clothes… the beauty brand of laundry! How can you communicate this in a compelling poster?

Think about the woman you want to talk to: she is looking for experiences that make her happy and alive. She wants more indulgent fabric experiences to excite her senses. She likes to transform a boring and imperfect world into one where she can pursue the beauty.

Along with your poster please provide an explanation of your creative idea. What do you want to express, and what is the concept behind?



Ask yourself what it means for clothes and for people to use a Downy/Lenor detergent? What is the added value of Downy/Lenor in comparison to other brands?

Good example for this contest | If you think of Downy/Lenor as the brand that transforms the world into a more beautiful place, your print ad could use an exaggeration to show this. A woman is taking out from the washing machine a superb dress made of very precious fabric, with tons of beads and golden embroideries on it. The dress was very casual when it was put into the machine but it’s now a wonderful dress.

A bad example | a poster that shows a “before and after” with, on the left of the visual stained clothes and on the right clean clothes. It’s a cliché of laundry communication and not creative at all.


  • #1 1,500€
  • #2 600€
  • #3 400€


Print ad: Photo or illustration with text explanation (2 pages in total, PDF only).


We are expecting compelling and easy to understand print ads. Prizes will go to the print ads that speak immediately to people and convince them to switch to Downy/Lenor detergent.



  • Download logo and product pictures from toolkit.
  • If you have multiple ideas, upload multiples files, one per idea.
  • Entries are accepted in English
  • Your submission should include a print (visual) and a short paragraph of text.


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