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Re-invent the way soft drinks are packaged to reduce calories or match specific occasions.

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The way people like to eat and drink has changed a lot recently. Since consumers are always on the go, they tend to look for food and beverages that can be consumed easily and are fun. Another concern is healthconsumers look for products that contain fewer calories, less sugar and that meet specific diets or needs. 

Brands always want to satisfy consumers, and they have come up with new shapes and formatsthis has been done well for food.

Bite-sized chocolates are very popular as they really meet a need of people. Mini-sizes are a great option for those who are watching their weight and don’t want to eat that big and heavy full chocolate bar! In the dairy industry there are a lot of new options that clearly display how much calories a cup contains. It allows people to eat without guilt, as they know that the portion is only 100 calories, for example.

If you want to enjoy small treats throughout the day, you will be happy to have large packs of bite-sized chocolate and grab one anytime you want.  Pop-cakes (cakes styled as lollipops) are very popular too! For certain occasions, such as accompanying a cup of coffee, they are perfect and easy to eat with fingers.

Interestingly enough, soft drinks have not followed the trend. Apart from mini cans, there haven’t been any breakthrough innovations in beverage formats and packaging.

Yet, our client, a major soft-drink company, knows that a growing number of people believe that soft drinks contain too many calories (the average amount in a 12 oz/33 cl can is 150 calories), has too much sugar, and is sold in formats that are not suited for the moments when they are consumed.

They believe that appropriate portion packaging can meet people’s needs. Can you help design future soft drink packaging?


Re-invent the way soft drinks are packaged to reduce calories or match specific occasions. Design a new packaging format, a graphic design and talk about the story behind this.  

Think about two main problems soft drink brands are facing (your idea should solve at least one of these problems!)

  1. People think the existing cans or bottles are too big. And they want to know what’s in the portion they drink. So you need to invent the packaging for soft drinks that people would drink without guilt. A well packaged soft drink can help people manage what they drink!
  2. People do not find options that fit specific occasions. So you need to invent soft drink packaging that offers the right size for the right moment (I need a treat, I want to be refreshed quickly, I have to recharge after exercise etc.) A smartly packaged soft-drink can bring more convenience and satisfaction to a certain moment!

We ask you to design packaging:

+ the container itself (bottle or can, glass, plastic or aluminum)

+ the format (single-serve, multi-pack);

+ the graphic design.

Use "Soft Drink" as a brand name

Along with your design, in a separate text, tell us the story about it—what is the benefit (what it offers people), who it is for and what is the moment of consumption.

To be accepted in the contest, your idea needs to offer a number of calories that is lower than existing drinks.

We’d also love to know where your inspiration comes from. What is the frustration/problem that your idea solves.



Exploring the “permissible” pack, we are thinking of a can of soft-drink that tells you the exact number of calories you are going to drink. The graphic design highlights “50” as it’s the number of calories in the can. There is a whole range and other formats offering “100” or “200” calories, for those who are not on a diet. The size of the can gets bigger as calories increase.

Exploring the other concept of “specific moment portions,” we could invent a slim brick that contains one portion of soft-drink. It’s easy to carry in backpacks and hand bags and it contains a straw that pops-out when the cap is opened. It’s single serve and it has the right dose of energy that is needed at any time of the day when a little drowsiness occurs.



  • #1 3,000€
  • #2 1,500€
  • #3 1,000€
  • #4 500€
  • #5 500€


Designs and text: presentation of 4 pages max. (PDF only)


Only smart and inventive ideas that help to reduce calorie intake will be selected. Wow us with your ingenious ideas to meet new needs people have! Show us how soft drink packaging can be reinvented to meet these needs and you’ll have good chances of winning.



  • The contest is not about inventing a new soft drink. Don’t focus on ingredients and formulas. Rather re-invent how soft drinks are packaged and used.
  • Any idea has to have a fewer calories per portion than existing drinks (150 calories). We are not asking you to invent a new soft drink brand. It’s more about repurposing the existing ones. Don’t spend time crafting a brand, simply use “Soft Drink” as a fake brand.
  • Be innovative, anything that already exists such as mini cans will not have a chance to be a winner.
  • Don’t go too wild either. Keep in mind that your idea should be something that can be developed within 5 years.
  • Your innovation is meant for adults.
  • Entries are accepted in English.




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