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Create a new drink with a strong benefit to help people who want to feel good and live well… while doing light physical exercise!

開始 2015年06月19日(金) 終了 2015年06月28日(日) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC 審査 結果 2015年10月
2015年06月28日(日) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


To many people goal in life is finding the right balance between what they love to do and what needs to be done. Ideally the constraints that we all have should not overtake on pleasure.

It’s the same for sports. Many of us want to stay fit, healthy and active yet when it comes to finding time and motivation to go to fitness classes, running, cycling or swimming, it’s another story. Because there is a party planned after the gym class and they need to stay awake, or because there’s a meeting at their son’s school, or simply because the day at work has been long and busy… And it’s okay. No one should be blamed for this!

Our sponsor thinks that what is missing is a drink that is suited to these people’s needs.

They’re looking for ideas to help them create a new drink that provides strong benefits so it’s very useful and becomes part of people’s lives.


Invent a new beverage with strong benefit that will delight people who want to make sports time a pleasant moment.

We’re asking you to invent a drink: name of your drink, description and benefits + visual of illustration (image taken from the internet or illustration of your own). To do so, please use the template provided in the Guidelines.

Your drink is targeted to young women & parents from 28 to 45 who do physical exercises like running, cycling and swimming. They do sport & exercise not to win or to compete with themselves, but to help them live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, to make them feel good about their lives and to live it to the full.

They are very health-conscious, likely to read nutritional labels, seek natural ingredients when they can and appreciate good food & drinks. They look after their bodies and care about what they put in.

They are also aware that it’s just as important to exercise their mind as their bodies and that's why they like doing Yoga and Pilates as well.

They need a drink for their favorite work-out! They need a drink to restore after sports, to get back to their busy lives. But they don’t want a high calorie drink!

What can you think of to provide our target with something that delivers benefits and fits their lifestyle?



A good idea for this contest would be a drink called “Fit”. It’s only 50 calories, it has vitamins and essential salts, no artificial colors and a very light and sweet taste. It’s packed in a slim can of 33 cl. The inspiration visual is a drawing with flowers and stars, purple and red with a nice feminine look. It is to be drunk during the fitness class to hydrate.

A bad idea for this contest: a light version of an existing soft-drink.


  • #1 1,500€
  • #2 750€
  • #3 600€
  • #4 400€


1 page including 1 image and text (see template).


The best ideas would be truly original and inventive enough to disrupt the beverage category. The priority is to think about something that brings a strong benefit. Quality of execution is NOT important, we’re looking for ideas.



  • Have in mind the people we want to appeal to: balanced lifestyle consumers for whom sports play an important role yet is not central. They don’t do sports to compete and win- rather to stay fit and feel good. They’re lacking motivation, time or energy to exercise as much as they’d like and they need something to help them achieve their goals.
  • We’re not targeting professional athletes.
  • Download the template from the Toolkit.
  • Mandatory elements: your entry must include the name of your drink, description and benefits .
  • Ideas should be presented in English.


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