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Change the way we go to the toilet with tact and creativity!

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How we clean ourselves after going to the toilet is not a topic that is high on our agenda. Either it is seen as embarrassing, or we just don’t care. In some parts of the world, people use dry toilet paper. They think it is more than enough to get the job done. However, research has shown that dry toilet paper often does not clean as well as it should. In other parts of the world, cleaning with water and toilet paper is part of people’s toilet routine. But it is not always possible or convenient, whether you are in your home or outside.

Kimberly Clark has invented a new product to address this problem: Moist Toilet Tissue, also known as Flushable Cleansing Cloths. It is designed to clean your bottom after going to the toilet. It can be used with dry toilet tissues, or to replace water for better hygiene and cleanliness. Available in an easy-to-carry pouch or dispenser, it contains 9-step purified water, which will not smudge but remove what needs to be cleaned. Not only does it offer superior cleaning; its botanical extracts and refreshing scent also help to reduce odors and leave you feeling refreshed, confident and pampered. It is alcohol-free and safe for sensitive skin. While Moist Toilet Tissue is stronger than dry toilet paper, you can flush it too, like you would with regular toilet paper. 

While being clean is important to people, they do not pay as much attention to that part of their body as they would do to their face or hands, for example. They also do not know why or how using Moist Toilet Tissue is better than their current toilet routine. We feel that people most receptive to this new way of cleaning will be women, using it for themselves or their family. Can you convince them to change their habits?


Convince women to change their habits with an engaging and creative story that shows what happens when Moist Toilet Tissue becomes part of their toilet routine.

Most people don’t really pay attention to the cleanliness of their bottom and what products they use to clean it. Therefore, your story needs to be engaging, make them feel that it is relevant to them and really encourages them to think about their current behavior and consider a change. You need to find a way to engage them without turning them off, making them embarrassed or feel disgusted.

In your story, don't just talk about cleanliness. Show us how people think and feel. Show us what is different about this new method of cleaning that will benefit them (or people around them), on a personal and emotional level so that they really understand why they need to change their toilet habits for the long term.

The tone of your story should be radiant, optimistic, confident and dynamic. Use creativity, drama, surprise and/or humor to get their attention.

With your entry, please answer the following questions:

  • In your view, what, if anything, could hold people back from changing their everyday toilet routine?
  • Why would your idea change the way people go to the bathroom?
  • How does this new routine change a person’s life?
  • How does your idea create conversations around a topic that people tend to recoil or shy away from?



To inspire you, you could look at how other products in skincare or personal and intimate hygiene introduced a new innovation to raise the bar, and changed people’s behavior.

Example of a good entry: A woman walks into her open-plan office and sits confidently at her desk. She is wearing all white and seems to be surrounded by a flowery, radiant halo. Around her, her colleagues look weary. We are fast-forwarding throughout the day. She always looks fresh and calm, while her colleagues look more uncomfortable as time passes, wriggling awkwardly on their seats, especially when they come back from their toilet breaks. She grabs an apple and brings it to the bathroom. She washes the apple before eating it by wetting a piece of tissue paper. A voice-over: “A moist tissue cleans better than a dry one, leaving you feeling clean and fresh all day long”.

  • In your view, what, if anything, could hold people back from changing their everyday toilet routine?
  • Answer from this entry: This woman did not know that anything better than toilet paper existed so she thought that the awkward, slightly uncomfortable feeling you had after cleaning yourself with toilet paper was normal, and nothing could be done about it. Until she discovered moist toilet tissue…
  • Why would your idea change the way people go to the bathroom?
  • Answer from this entry: It brings to life in a dramatic fashion that you do not have to put up with that unpleasant feeling (like her colleagues). It makes people realize that actually there is a bit of a problem, and now someone seems to have the solution. That solution is moist tissue, which cleans better, as explained by the analogy of her washing an apple.
  • How does this new routine change a person’s life?
  • Answer from this entry: We can see that she feels totally clean and refreshed, and thus is able to feel calm, centered and confident throughout the day. It gives her a positive attitude.
  • How does your idea create conversations around a topic that people tend to recoil or shy away from?
  • Answer from this entry: The wriggling of her colleagues will be sufficiently entertaining for people to share the videos. Viewers will start wondering whether there is a problem and relate that to their own experience, thus putting them in the right frame of mind to be open to alternative cleaning methods.

Example of a bad entry: We see a woman going into the bathroom. The door closes and we hear battle screams. A voice-over announces that wet wipes kill 100% of germs, unlike toilet paper. She emerges smiling. While this entry could be seen as creative, it only focuses on the scientific side of the product, not how it benefits a person, how it changes her toilet routine, how she feels because of it and what she is able to do now as a result.


  • #1 7,000€
  • #2 5,000€
  • #3 3,000€


Video or animation (max 60secs).


The winners will have found an original, engaging and creative way to convince and motivate people that this new way of cleaning yourself after going to the toilet is better for them, so that they would want to adopt it as a new habit, be it in their home or when they are outside, in their office, in public places, etc. Think about the person’s state of mind. You will also be skillful in creating a story that people will want to watch, despite them not liking to talk about personal hygiene. You can use creative story-telling, analogies, metaphors…

The winning story could inspire an international advertising campaign designed to change people’s mindsets and behaviors.



  • Entries should be in English, Chinese or subtitled in English if in another language.
  • The hero of your story should be a woman, either alone, with friends or with her family.
  • You do not need to feature the actual product. If you want to feature the product in your video, use one made by Kimberly Clark. Depending on the countries, they are known as Scott, Sujay, Cottonelle, Kleenex, Andrex, Neve or Lily. You can also use wet wipes without showing the brand or the packaging if you do not have access to any Kimberly Clark products.
  • You can view pictures of the Kimberly Clark logo and products here.
  • Do not use a dry, educational or patronizing tone. People like to be informed while being entertained, not being lectured.
  • Don’t focus too much on what is bad about toilet paper or other cleaning methods … focus on what is good about Moist Toilet Tissue.


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