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Create a poster and tagline that underline the playfulness and unexpectedness of Ricolino!

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Final Tip

15/07/17 13:20

Remember that the common link between all the sub-brands of Ricolino is the fact that every one of their product mix different and bold texture (i.e. creamy + crunchy) and flavors (i.e. marshmallow + jelly + chocolate).

This is why it makes these products playful and unexpected. Two particularities we need to find through your poster AND tagline.

Ricolino is like an umbrella under which you can find all these sub-brands! And we need you to show that in your poster! You don't need to feature ALL the sub-brands in your poster but your concept should work for at least 2 of them.

Now, go on, eat some candies and have so much fun that the ideas will just fly!



Each culture has its own food habits, especially when it comes to chocolate and candies. These habits and tastes can sometimes be surprising.

In Mexico, people and especially teenagers from 13 to 18 years old, have huge expectations from chocolate and sweet brands. When it comes to flavors, they are looking for products in which the sensation takes over the taste itself. They want something fun, original, a bit risky, to discover original combinations and textures. They are sweet adventurers. There is also a need for trust, especially in the sweets shared with children. Places where people buy these sweets can be small mom-and-pop stores or street vendors, so the credibility of an established brand makes a difference.

Ricolino is the perfect brand of sweet treats for them. Products from Ricolino show a playful combination of flavors and sensations: marshmallow + chocolate / mint + jelly + gummy candy. Also, these products can be found everywhere and have been available for a long time, so they have become very intimate with the general public.

Ricolino wants to communicate the playfulness, interactivity of their products (combination and texture) and their strong bond with Mexican teenagers. Can you be as surprising as they are?


Wow teenagers with a poster and a tagline that show the playfulness, the unexpectedness and the credibility of Ricolino.

Your poster and your tagline have to show the main benefits of Ricolino:

  • The products and the brands of the Ricolino family are as playful as they are innovative in terms of combinations and textures;
  • The brand has a close relationship with its Mexican consumers

Your entry must work across all of Ricolino’s family of products so think about what makes all of them unique, interactive and innovative.

The 5 brand values are :

1) Interaction: shareability, playfulness and co- creation,

2) Immediate hapiness : instant sweet gratification for teenagers and his friends,

3) Inclusiveness : friendly, approachable, engages teens, kids and adults ;

4) Innovative (in terms of combinations and textures)

5) Commitment : Ricolino makes a positive contribution to society

Your entry must not be too childish that it bores adults or too risqué that it alienates kids. It must not be too naïve, innocent, tender or soft. It should appeal to 13 to 18 years old teenagers. They are conscious and active, and they don’t follow the herd. They understand grown-up conflicts and challenges. They are leaving innocence behind and are avid for new experiences.

Important: Avoid ideas that revolve around dreams, hopes, or wishes. There was a campaign built around the idea of “make a wish come true, you motivate others to have more wishes”: the brand wants to steer away from that message since it has already been done.

Finally, please avoid Mexicans clichés (sombreros, donkeys, etc).



A good entry will be one that shows a father with his son. We’ll see both of them from the back. We could imagine them laughing a lot, hands on their shoulders. We would see in the right back pocket, one of the products of the brand. The packaging of the Ricolino product would be assorted to his t-shirt, so that we could link the personality of the brand with its consumer. The tagline would be: “Ricolino, the brand for people who are truly enjoying life”. It is a good example as it shows the product in a playful environment. Also, the presence of the father reassures the credibility of the product. Furthermore, we see the product in an intimate moment, which is a metaphor of close relationship between the brand and its target audience.

A bad entry would show the packshot of the product in a very childish environment, such as manga-like background for kids, and a protagonist with a sombrero. It is a bad example as it is very childish and cliché about Mexico.


  • #1 1,500€
  • #2 600€
  • #3 400€


Poster : 1 visual + 1 tagline (1 page pdf)


Your poster will help Ricolino find a common link between all its products (Bubulubu, Paleta Payaso, Panditas and Kranky) to develop a campaign about Ricolino, as the main brand. Your poster should transmit playfulness, unexpectedness and credibility.



  • Please consider the 5 brand values 
  • Please avoid Mexicans clichés (sombreros, donkeys, etc)
  • You can download the Logos and packshots here
  • You can check Ricolino's current website here
  • Entries are accepted in English and Spanish only.


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