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Make ParionsWeb the reference in terms of sports online betting during the Rugby World Cup 2015!

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2015年08月23日(日) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


The Rugby World Cup is coming fast!

From 18 September to 31 October, the best world-class rugby men are going to compete in England for the World Championship Title. But not only that! Every spectator will also have the opportunity to take part by betting online.

Bets are an opportunity to live the game to the fullest – a commitment to your favorite team and a way to feel excited during every minute of the match.

ParionsWeb, the sports online betting forum provided by Française des Jeux (FDJ), would like to take advantage of its partnership with the French National Team in order to become the reference betting line during the World Cup. ParionsWeb, available from all devices (PC/mac, tablet, mobile phone), proposes the most comprehensive range on the market, with more than 50 bets per match. During the Rugby World Cup, spectators will be able to bet on all the games in the competition, before the game and live, at a competitive rate during the entire event.

ParionsWeb needs your creative thinking to imagine a written scenario for its next online pre roll YouTube video campaign to promote its offer!
It is looking for positive and humorous ideas that will encourage people to subscribe and play on ParionsWeb so that this website becomes the reference for punters during the Rugby World Cup 2015.


Wow us by writing the script of the next pre roll video campaign for ParionsWeb for the Rugby World Cup 2015 that will make this website the reference for punters!

Be careful! We only want written script, not videos. Story-boards are not mandatory.

Your script will be used for a pre roll YouTube video of between 20 and 30 secs. Thus, in the first 5 secs, you will need to find a relevant hook that will catch the viewer until the end of the video.

We need to see men between 25 and 40 years old. It has to be a positive ambiance and close to the previous video’s tone of voice, produced for the last Football World Cup by ParionsWeb.

Your script has to encourage people to subscribe and to play on ParionsWeb. For instance, at the end of your script, you must include the end-Packshot “World Cup Bonus up to €110”.

Showcase the advantages of betting on ParionsWeb:

  • one of the best bet offers for rugby (the possibility of making more than 50 bets per match);
  • the option of betting before the game and live throughout the entire event ;
  • competitive rates during this event in particular;
  • a special Equipe de France registration bonus of €110.

Before you start, take into consideration all the guidelines below!



A good script will involve a 30-year old man in his living room watching the Rugby World Cup 2015 on TV with friends. We would see him betting online with his friends, challenging one another with different type of bets, as if they were doing their own match. We could easily imagine humorous dialogs.
It is a good basis for a script as the tone of voice will be probably positive and humorous, and it encourages the viewer to subscribe and play on ParionsWeb.

A bad script will show a French rugby player, Frédéric Michalak, betting online for the French National Team. It is not a good example as it contains ideas to avoid (cf. guidelines below).


  • #1 3,000€
  • #2 1,500€
  • #3 1,000€
  • #4 500€


PDF, 2 pages maximum.


We will choose the winner based on the tone of voice (positive, humorous) and the potential of the video to encourage viewers to go onto ParionsWeb in order to subscribe and play.



  • Include the end-Packshot “World Cup Bonus up to €110”;
  • Your script must be in French or in English;
  • It is script for a pre roll YouTube video of 15/20 secs maximum ;
  • Things that must appear in your script:
    • a bloc “Parionsweb, official supporter of xv de france“;
    • an end-packshot “special French team bonus up to €110“ + the word “Subscribe”;
    • the words “INPES” & « Forbidden for those under the age of 18“.
  • Avoid ideas in your writing script that show:
    • a professional sportsman betting;
    • a man that bets impulsively, excessively and addictively;
    • people who are minors;
    • a retail store where FDJ is available (Bar, Tobacconists, Press, etc.).


  • 参加エントリーに個人情報(名前、連絡先、メールアドレス等)を開示しない
  • 受賞者として選ばれた場合作品の高品質を保つ
  • コンテストにおいてあなたの作品の自作権は守られます
  • メディアに貢献している著者と配役それぞれから書面による承諾を得なければなりません。
  • 自分のものでない作品(音楽、写真、デザインその他)がある場合は、メディア詳細のなかに、使用する音楽や画像が自分の創作であるかどうか記入し、自分に使用権を許可する許可証のリンクをつけてください。
  • コンテストルールに従ってeYekaとそのクライアントが作品を使用することを許可するものを書面にて提出して下さい
  • コンテストルールに従っていないと見做される作品はコンテストに参加できません