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Help Pantene explain to women that truly beautiful hair coloration comes from healthy hair.

開始 2015年08月12日(水) 終了 2015年08月23日(日) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC 審査 結果 2015年10月
2015年08月23日(日) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


Grey hair… Many women want to banish grey hair from sight by coloring their hair, but they don’t understand what can be done to optimize the results.

Actually, it’s simple. To achieve a truly beautiful hair coloration, they need healthy hair first!

Pantene’s R&D community can prove this simple finding: the healthier hair is before coloring, the better the color will be. If hair is unhealthy, with damaging minerals at the core of the hair, the shaft will block the color from penetrating deep inside, resulting in a dull color tone.

This is why Pantene has created a new in-shower Treatment for Colored Hair, with its trusted Pro-V formula that removes these damaging minerals. Just start using it 5 times before coloring and it will restore the hair’s health so that the color penetrates twice as deep, resulting in a intense & beautiful hair color.

Please help us explain this simple truth to women who don’t want to go grey too soon?


Create an attractive poster for Pantene that intuitively shows that beautiful & vivacious hair color can only come from healthy hair.

Pantene does not want to explain it with science, but with a beautiful, contemporary, elegant and intuitive metaphor or analogy which is immediately understandable by women. The idea of the metaphor or the analogy is to go further than just showing a picture of a beautiful woman. We want you to use objects or daily situations.

Beautiful hair color is actually not that different from most things in life… The more you prepare for something you really want, the better and more fulfilling the reward is. To put another way, if you choose to overcome a problem at its roots, not merely at the surface, the change will be more dramatic.

There are surely other ways to look at this, and all your logic & creativity is welcome! So, please creatively illustrate which ever angle makes more intuitive sense to you, while identifying Pantene’s role in helping women achieve beautiful vivacious hair color.  

Please do not describe the idea literally. We do not want to see Pro V molecules descending deep into the cross section of the hair.

The winning metaphor or analogy could become the key visual in print, in-store, digital and TV.

With your illustration, please feature the logo (cf. guidelines) and a headline. Along with your ideas, we need you to write a short description that answers the 3 following questions:

  1. What is the metaphor or analogy behind your poster? 
  2. Why is this idea relevant to women?
  3. Why is your idea unique to Pantene and not other brands?

Free your creativity and share your breakthrough ideas with us!



Which analogy could you use to express the notion that beautiful & vivacious hair color can only come from healthy hair?

A good idea for this contest: when you set out to paint a painting, it is always better to prime the canvas beforehand, in order to achieve more intense, brighter colors for the end result.

A bad example: a visual that shows the effect of the product deep inside the cross section of the hair.


  • #1 1,500€
  • #2 600€
  • #3 400€


1 page poster and 1 page text description.


We are expecting visual illustration that is easy to understand by everyone. It has to be an analogy that expresses in an intuitive way that a good hair color can only come from healthier hair.



  • Your idea has to express the notion that a good hair color can only come from healthier hair;
  • Only showing a picture of a beautiful woman with a general tagline is not acceptable for this contest. Please showcase clearly through your visual the metaphor or analogy of your idea;
  • Avoid visuals that shows the cross section of the hair;
  • Your entry must be in English.
  • The entry must be appealing & tonally consistent with the universe of a hair beauty brand.
  • You can download the logo here.


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