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In a real-life demo idea, show how Finish Rinse Aid makes dishes shinier and drier.

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When it comes to washing dishes, we all suddenly become very lazy even if we own a dishwasher! But actually, many of us use “All-in-one” detergent products with a combination of a detergent and a rinse aid function that can, not only wash, but also make our glassware shine too.

Unfortunately, although such combined products are good, without the individual rinse aid alongside the detergent, the limescale starts to appear and our dishes, especially our glasses, become less and less clear and shiny. The result is that the dishwashers don’t perform as they should, for example, dishes are left wet and glasses don’t shine as they should.

Finish Rinse Aid is a performance enhancer to be used in addition to the detergent in dishwashers. It has 5x power actions and a glass protection ingredient for shinier and drier dishes. It removes spots and residue, speeds up drying, protects glasses, and guarantees a brilliant shiny effect.

Most product demos are very descriptive and are always the same that it bores people. We need your help to show that Finish Rinse Aid delivers amazing results by inventing an eye catching in-store demo. When people shop, what do you think can stop them and make them think: “oh wait, this is truly amazing and it works; I want this to get perfect clean and shiny dishes!”?


Amaze us and convince people to use Finish Rinse Aid! Catch their attention with a very creative demo that shows how Finish Rinse Aid achieves shinier and drier dishes.

What simple yet creative idea can you imagine demonstrating that Finish Rinse Aid achieves shinier and drier dishes? How would you explain and convince your neighbour or work colleague how Finish Rinse Aid works and protects your dishes, especially glassware?

Think of demo ideas that someone could perform in a store, or an installation that works on its own, or with some help. You could use analogies, metaphors, or something else that is more literal. Your demo needs to capture people’s attention and explains clearly how the product works.

Keep in mind that the key message is to convince people to use Finish Rinse Aid on top of the detergent they use vs. detergent alone.

Here are the product’s benefits to inspire you:  

  • Avoid cloudiness on glasses and shiny surfaces
  • Fast drying on plastic, metal items, and in general after wash
  • Avoid spotting on glasses, cutlery, and other item
  • Glass protection (glass protection ingredient – fights against glass corrosion)

Please note that Finish Rinse Aid protection is only for glass corrosion, not metal corrosion; the product only protects glasses, they don’t repair them!

Please answer the following question with your entry:

  • If your demo idea was used in a store, what else could be done in addition to it? (Think of events, games, promotions, etc.).



Ask yourself these questions before beginning: 

  • How does it work?
  • How can you show the efficiency of the product?
  • How can you show the advantage of using Rinse Aid on top of detergent vs. detergent alone?

A good example: It’s a short video that is played in stores. It has a vintage and cheap tone of voice and it features a woman in her kitchen. Discretely, we see her putting her engagement ring in the dishwasher. Once, she removes it, it shines as never before. After this little trick, she goes to a party and shows her masterpiece in front of all her friends. Then, she looks at the camera, just like she is looking at us. She makes a wink as she was sharing her little secret with us. Just after the wink, the video turns into a black screen. 

This video will be shown through a screen, repetitively, in every touchpoint.

It is a good example as it clearly shows, through an analogy, the main advantage of the product: makes things really shiny.

A bad example would be an in-store display that shows a glass with a tagline that says “shiny”. It’s not a demo, it’s not eye-catching, and it doesn’t prove the product performance


  • #1 1,500€
  • #2 1,000€
  • #3 500€


PDF, 1 page with visuals and text.


A catchy and a creative physical demo idea that clearly shows how the product works and its superior efficiency that could be used in stores.



  • Visuals and a description that explains clearly what is your demo idea;
  • You can download the logo and the pack shot here;
  • You can look at this website to get details about the product
  • Entries must be in English.
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