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Convince Millennials that tough seasons for hair are no longer an issue, thanks to Head & Shoulders.

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Summer and winter come with moments that are a pain for the hair and scalp! During summer, because of sweat and heat, hair gets either oily or very dry. During winter, because it’s cold, hair suffers even more. It gets dry and itchy and dandruff increases too.

Most men and women just cope with these issues – dandruff, dryness and itchiness.

They don’t know that Head & Shoulders is the solution they have been looking for. Head & Shoulders has a new formula that makes seasonal issues disappear! 

Unfortunately, young people don’t have the brand in mind! They see the brand as “my parents’ brand” – they don’t feel that it’s hip or made for them! There is also another reason for them not using Head & Shoulders: people think it’s harsh. It’s actually the opposite! Head & Shoulders provides a solution for dandruff, dryness and itchiness!  And during summer and winter this shampoo is your best ally to tackle these problems and get shiny and perfect hair and scalp!

Can you help bring to life that Head & Shoulders is the perfect shampoo choice for summer and winter and make it appealing to young men and women?


Create a disruptive yet engaging poster to show Millennials how Head & Shoulders solves hair & scalp problems that occur during summer and winter.

Your poster needs to convey the message that Head & Shoulders is the best shampoo to help young people cope with dandruff, dryness and itchiness during summer and winter. You can either pick one season – summer or winter – or make your poster work for both. Head & Shoulders gives people the confidence to enjoy life: with Head & Shoulders anyone can have great looking hair!

Remember, we have the issue of perception of the brand: young people see it as a little old fashioned and they don’t know why it’s better than another brand. Bring a modern touch to it!

Your poster should be something that is unexpected and humorous. It’s witty and unconventional, it’s credible and close to people. It should be something really new, an unexpected way to talk to youngsters about Head & Shoulders, to make them realize that it is a brand for them!  The target audeience is both  men and women below 30.

Avoid gimmicks. The brand is looking for a big creative idea that they can develop on other communication channels. Please keep this in mind while creating your poster.

You can either pick one season – summer or winter – or make your poster work for both.

Please also think about a tagline and give us details about your idea.

Specifically, answer these questions:

  1. What is the communication idea that your poster expresses?
  2. Why would your idea appeal to Millennials?



Example of a good idea:

The poster shows a “Year in Pictures” on Instagram. There are pictures of beautiful snowy landscapes, as well as selfies of a couple with winter clothes. There are also pictures of the same girl and the same boy at the beach during summer. In the midst of the pictures we also see pictures of their suitcases and inside we see Head & Shoulders. There are pictures of a hotel room and we see the Head & Shoulders bottle in the bathroom. The idea is that Head & Shoulders is always here with you, during the holidays to help you achieve great look.

The tagline says: “Head & Shoulders, our companion for perfect winter and summer holidays!”

Example of a bad idea:

A print ad that shows a girl with beautiful hair and all the guys turning their heads to her. It’s not about seasons, it’s not new, it’s not appealing.


  • #1 1,500€
  • #2 600€
  • #3 400€


1 page including 1 visual and 1 paragraph of text (PDF).


We’d like you to surprise us with something unexpected. We really need to see ideas that can appeal to young people. The brand will use your ideas as inspiration for a big campaign. To be awarded as a winner, imagine a creative idea that can be developed in other executions.



  • Stay realistic in your idea: Head & Shoulders will not make you fly or save the world, it will remove seasonal hair issues.
  • If you use humor, don't make it too slapstick or gimmicky, and do not mock people who suffer from scalp problems.
  • You can look at the brand’s website here.
  • Download the logo and some product shots from the toolkit.
  • Entries should be submitted in English.
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