Bespoke Beauty Experience コンテスト終了

Create the ideal bespoke beauty experience for a French cosmetic brand.

開始 2015年09月25日(金) 終了 2015年10月25日(日) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC 審査 結果 2015年12月
2015年10月25日(日) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC

Contest extension and tips

15/10/14 15:36

Great news! We have decided to give you more time to send us your amazing ideas! Indeed, the contest will now be ending on October 25th at 23h59 UTC. This gives you one more week to share your creative and innovative ideas on your ideal tailor-made beauty experience concept! 

Here are some useful tips and advices on how to tackle the challenge: 

  • Remember, we are looking for an experience, NOT for a new product! 
  • You don’t need to know about the French cosmetics market! This contest is about imagining and putting into words what YOU would need or want! Imagine what your ideal personalized beauty experience would be and share it with us! 
  • Think about what could happen in-store? Could you book a time slot so you don’t have to wait up for a beauty advisor to be available? What if this was done in group? Imagine you could book the cosmetics brand store for you and your friends to get a tailor-made master class given by experts? 



Many cosmetics brands claim to offer women miracle products. There are so many that it’s hard to choose.

What if the perfect product for one woman would be one that is tailored to her? Your skin is unique- as you are, and there’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to beauty!

The brand we’ll travel with in this contest is a famous French cosmetic brand. It’s what we call a “Doctor Brand”. The founder of the brand was a Doctor; it’s a brand that has a scientific reputation. It is a specialist in anti-aging skin care, based on scientific expertise and provides the best value for money anti-aging face care products.

This brand has a portfolio of bespoke skin care products. For example, they have an iconic skin care where you pick several active ingredients from a choice of 8 in total, depending on your skin type and what you want to achieve. Simply empty the contents of each concentrate into your chosen cream and enjoy your bespoke cream! Because our sponsor knows that women crave bespoke skin care, they offer women the chance to create it themselves!

This brand now wants to push the bespoke concept to the next level. They want to invent the ideal experience of bespoke beauty for every women.

Can you help finding a ground-breaking and innovative experience that would appeal to as many women as possible?


How could a famous French cosmetics brand provide the ideal tailored experience to women - in stores, over the phone, in real places, on the Internet?

Imagine and tell us about your ideal bespoke beauty experience. It has to be something new and disruptive and it should be something that brings a benefit to women.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, we encourage you to respect the following “do’s and don’ts”:

  • We are looking for ideas that a famous French cosmetic brand could establish as a lasting way to interact with women, not something that only happens once.
  • It can’t be an app or something that is only based on technology. Technology can be a tool to make the experience happen but there should be a part that involves human interaction. Also, we welcome ideas that use devices but it can’t be only this (i.e.: just an electronic cleanser is not a bespoke experience).
  • It has to be a global experience where women are involved at several stages.
  • It has to be something useful for women.
  • Finally it should be new - this brand wants to change the game!

Please create a document of 4 pages: on the first page put only images (with short legends if you want). On the others, put text and answer questions:   

  • What is the name of your idea and how does it work (mechanics, places, overall experience)?
  • What frustration/issue does it solve?
  • What is new about it?
  • What is the benefit for women?



A good idea: the whole experience is called: “Always beautiful”. Imagine Isabella. She’s not only looking for the best skin care products but also for some support, because she does not know much about beauty. Isabella is asked to take selfies when she wakes up, at lunch time and at night. She has to send the pictures to the brand’s website. Someone analyses the pictures and sends to the woman three skin care samples that are tailor-made, based on the results of the first test. Isabella will have to select the product she likes best and go to a store to buy it. In the store, she can also get a diagnosis of her skin type if she did not want to take the “selfie test”. She leaves the shop with her personalized beauty cream. Then, throughout the day, she will get personalized advice over the phone. The advice is about: what she needs to do to keep her skin beautiful and also remarks and positive thoughts. This could be things such as: “Good Morning Isabella, you’re beautiful today. After you moisturize your face, don’t forget to smile at yourself in the mirror”. Or at night “Make-up removal is an essential step for your oily skin. Sleep well, you deserve nice dreams!”

All this will be done in order to create a strong emotional relationship between the brand and its consumers. The advice will be of course tailored to each client. There could also be meet-ups in real life. The brand will provide master-classes about make-up, hairdressing, styling and anything else relating to beauty. Women will be happy to meet a community of women in their neighborhood and be happy to share beauty secrets!

A bad idea: a smartphone app in which women can order their personalized jar of skin care. It’s not new, it’s not an experience and it’s too techy (without human interaction).


  • #1 3,000€
  • #2 1,500€
  • #3 500€


A presentation with your ideas (4 pages MAX). 


The goal of this contest is to suggest original, interesting and creative ways for a French cosmetic brand to connect with women through a totally new experience and new activities. The winning ideas will be those that bring a new benefit to women. We encourage you to start from frustrations women might have and think about solutions to these frustrations.



  • It’s important that your ideas follow the guidelines stated above in the brief.
  • Ideas must be easy to understand. Anything too complicated or not clear will not be accepted.
  • Avoid 100% technology solutions.
  • Think “benefit” and “useful”!
  • Think fresh, inspiring and relevant to women.
  • Think beyond just a beauty program “1. Clean, 2. Moist etc.”
  • Entries should be in English or French.
  • 権限と少なくとも含まれている必要があり保護された要素を使用するライセンスは、(i)これらの要素に応じ由来するか基づいている新しい作品に保護要素を組み込む権利は、(ⅱ)権利を使用する(音楽、写真などを含む)商業目的で使用する(iii)インターネット上で使用するの権利のために。あなたはいつでもこれらの権限とライセンスの書かれた証拠を提供することができなければなりません。


  • 参加エントリーに個人情報(名前、連絡先、メールアドレス等)を開示しない
  • 受賞者として選ばれた場合作品の高品質を保つ
  • コンテストにおいてあなたの作品の自作権は守られます
  • メディアに貢献している著者と配役それぞれから書面による承諾を得なければなりません。
  • 自分のものでない作品(音楽、写真、デザインその他)がある場合は、メディア詳細のなかに、使用する音楽や画像が自分の創作であるかどうか記入し、自分に使用権を許可する許可証のリンクをつけてください。
  • コンテストルールに従ってeYekaとそのクライアントが作品を使用することを許可するものを書面にて提出して下さい
  • コンテストルールに従っていないと見做される作品はコンテストに参加できません