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Coca-Cola® Freeze

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Frozen sparkling beverages are delicious and refreshing, light and fluffy ice-cold drinks that people love as a treat that’s between a beverage and a dessert. Because they take time to consume, young people aged 18-34 see them as a great mid-afternoon snack when they’re socialising and catching up with friends.

These frosty treats are dispensed in paper cups and sold at McDonald’s. They come in many flavours, including favorite brands from The Coca-Cola Company's portfolio such as Coca-Cola®, Sprite® and Fanta®. They’re a light and fluffy icy drink that’s both fun and tasty.

The Coca-Cola Company wants to create products for new moments or occasions that will get young people excited about drinking frozen sparkling beverages. Break the mould and invent the next frozen sparkling drink!


Invent a new frozen sparkling beverage for a season or occasion that will excite, surprise and attract young adults. 

This new frozen sparkling beverage innovation is something that you will purchase at McDonald’s. It can be consumed at the restaurant or you can choose to get it as a takeaway. It can be a new Coca-Cola product, for other Coca-Cola Company drink brands, or even a new product that you’re really excited about.

When thinking about occasions, what would a Christmas idea look like? What about Chinese New Year? Or Easter, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, the Olympics or FIFA World Cup? What other occasions could you imagine a product for? And importantly, what would be different about it? Your new frozen sparkling beverage idea could also be a seasonal drink such as a beverage for Summer or Spring; or you could even invent your own limited-time offering such as “4 of the funniest flavours in the world, in 4 weeks” that gets people coming back to McDonald’s “while stocks last.” The occasion or season and your imagination are the limit!

Think outside the box for times and occasions – these could be occasions and moments that are popular in many countries or ones that are unique to the country you’re from. You could also invent your own creative moments that The Coca-Cola Company can own.

Please answer the following questions in your entry:

  1. What is your occasion, moment, or “limited time offering” and why would it get people excited about drinking frozen sparkling beverages?
  2. What is your new frozen sparkling beverage idea? Please tell us about it.

Please submit your answer in the template provided in the specific guidelines below.



Example of a good entry: A frozen sparkling coffee flavoured drink for people who drive to work during the hot summer mornings. They love starting their day with the taste of coffee and don’t have time for breakfast in the morning so this keeps the hunger pangs away till they arrive at work. This drink is especially appealing for the morning commute because it can be held in one hand. This idea allows The Coca-Cola Company to own morning drive times. 

Another good example could be a Christmas advent calendar frozen sparkling peppermint drink that comes with a different topping each day from 1 December until Christmas Day. The different Christmas toppings keeps people excited and counting down to Christmas Day.

Example of a bad entry: A new frozen sparkling coffee drink or a frozen sparkling peppermint drink that focuses solely on the ingredients and flavour with no detail on the occasion or limited-time offer. The occasion (existing or created) is just as important as the drink flavour.


  • #1 1,500€
  • #2 600€
  • #3 400€


1 visual and up to 150 words as explanation (1 page PDF template)


The best ideas will create desire for your frozen sparkling beverage because it matches the product (flavour, ingredients) to the occasion or time-limited offering, turning the moment into a special one that people will be excited about.

It will be something unique and different that McDonald’s can serve to differentiate itself from its competitors.



  • Use this template for your submission: here
  • Entries must be in English only.
  • Your entry should include a visual of your idea and a paragraph of text explaining your idea.
  • Your new product idea must be a frozen sparkling beverage. It must not contain alcohol.
  • Your idea must not be for children below 13. Please do not include any images of children below 13 or any visuals clearly appealing to children below 13.
  • You can use commercial library pictures for your submission. Please indicate the source.
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