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5 つの話題の一つをカバーする 5 つの提供されている脚本の一つに基づいた 2 分 30 秒の芸術フィルムを作成します:母体と新生児の健康、家族計画、ヘルスサービス、若年での強制的結婚、教育。

長さ: 最長 2 分 30 秒  形態: アニメーション、芸術フィルム、コラージュ、ライブ中継

5 受賞者 89 寄稿者 101 受け付けられた作品 33 9 言語

The Why Foundation We love people

Dear Eyeka community

Thank you very much for your participation in Cosmic People / The Why's Film Contest.
We have seen so many wonderful executions and we are impressed by the high quality delivered from you. We thank you very deeply for the work you have done for this important cause.

Kind regards
Cosmic People


The Why Foundation で選択

piantoperdente #1賞
piantoperdente 22,400 クリエイティブスコア
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#1 Amiでの6,700€の賞

This film is a winner because

The Art Directional unique craftmansship
2D & 3D in excellent mix
A emotionally strong connecting masterpiece
Music and pictures in a strong balance

The Why Foundation
robinglass #2賞
robinglass 27,620 クリエイティブスコア
  • グラフィックデザイン
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#2 Every Hour, Every Minute, Every Dayでの6,700€の賞

This film is a winner because

Really effective and impactfull storytelling
Well structured information
Very clear message
Stands out from the crowd

The Why Foundation
garygeorgec #3賞
garygeorgec 126,530 クリエイティブスコア
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#3 One Extra Yearでの6,700€の賞

MARAMING SALAMAT PO! eYeka is AWESOME! It helped me choose which style I can focus on! haha!

eYeka is a great platform to hone your skills (Any skill, from writing, to animating, to graphic design, to editing)

I join eYeka contests to enhance my skills in stopmotion animation and also to unwind the creative juices of my brain. It is also a great tool for collaboration. Through the years, I made lots of friends here in eYeka. Sometimes when we win, I give their share of the winning money, even if they are living in another continent. I just send it via wire transfer, but many times we lose. Well, ''it happens. hehehe!. Even though I lose a lot. I always learn from it. Like if I want to learn how to make a shadow animation, I just select which contest in eYeka in okay to use that style. Then I do it. If it wins, its good because I have extra money to help other people. If I lose then its okay because I learned how to make that kind of animation. So it's really awesome to learn something new. As you can see in my works. It ranges from motion graphics, live editing, flash animation, poster design. You name it. I lose a lot in these contests but this is my passion and it didn't stop me. Don't lose hope when you don't win. Just try again. I just enjoy when I enter the contests. So start entering in those live contests now and just enjoy making your entry! Enjoy and have fun learning while making them! If you want to collaborate or just want to talk, add me up. My contact is in my eYeka profile page.



This film is a winner because

Upifting and heartlifting expression
Strong education school universe
Positive empowerment feeling
Strong in symbolic language

The Why Foundation
contrabasvideo #4賞
contrabasvideo 37,890 クリエイティブスコア
  • ビデオ

#4 One Bride, Seven Cows or a Box of Heroinでの6,700€の賞

This film is a winner because

Great casting
Good acting performance
Strong idea with signs in the end of the film
Strong idea with caught in the same prison

The Why Foundation
apet #5賞
apet 92,030 クリエイティブスコア
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#5 Facts of lifeでの6,700€の賞

This film is a winner because

Unique and authentic expression
Involving and clear storytelling
Positive empowerment
Humor and good symbols used

The Why Foundation