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Can you surprise us with a new way to look at milk and make it exciting again?

Show us a creative and exciting new way to talk about milk that breaks milk clichés and convinces people that Anchor milk is exciting and relevant to them.

PDF 2 pages: 1st page: poster with a tagline 2nd page: answers to the three

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Anchor Fonterra

Thank you to everybody who contributed to this contest. It was a pleasure seeing the different ways we could talk about dairy and milk ; expanding our mindsets, and inspiring our imagination.

Thank you!



brucedsilverman #1賞
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#1 White is the New __________での3,000€の賞

My favorite eYeka contests are the ones that lend themselves to great campaign concepts. Thanks again to eYeka and the client for another fun, challenging creative opportunity!

I quite enjoyed :
- the very unique execution in talking about milk
- the single mindedness and simplicity of the same execution, which makes is more interesting

- play of the ___ is the new ____ framework, which is very "now" in terms of pop culture

AnnaMunchkin #2賞
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#2 With Anchor Milk, they're almost there.での1,500€の賞

I appreciated :

- the convergence of both kids and adults' benefits in one execution. The usual focus is on kids ; but execution builds on the father-child relationship while communicating the benefits which makes it quite endearing

juansebastianecheverri #3賞
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#3 Be the mom of this kidでの500€の賞

I want to thank Anchor and eYeka for this amazing opportunity to challenge myself with a great brand that holds a great story of passion about milk and honest nourishment. I'm on the other side of the globe, but if some day I travel to New Zealand I would definitely drink Anchor. Again thanks to the brand and eYeka and I hope to find more Anchor briefs in the future.

I liked going beyond the usual physical development (bones , height, energy) when communicating the benefits of drinking milk.

The text/script also makes it a direct message to the mothers/parents, building on their sense of drive and pride for the success of their children





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  • oceanomare 1 oceanomare 848,620 クリエイティブスコア
  • markoo 2 markoo 776,070 クリエイティブスコア
  • evgeniylg123 3 evgeniylg123 1,121,040 クリエイティブスコア


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