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Write a story to convince people to switch to BioMax.


Do you know what a challenger brand is? It’s a company or a product that is not the market leader and has to play from a position behind the dominant player. Often, leader brands or leader products benefit from a huge awareness and people think they’re superior in quality. But their competitors often offer the same quality.

Dairy products that help digestion are a big market in Russia. This is why dairy products that improve digestion have great success. There is a market leader, an international famous brand, and there is the challenger brand, BioMax, a brand from Wimm Bill Dann- a renowned Russian yogurt manufacturer.

In 2015, BioMax launched a TVC to switch people from using the leader brand to use BioMax. It was simple, provocative and humorous. And it was a big success.

Create a script for a TVC that will make people switch from the leader brand to BioMax, the same quality but more affordable yogurt that improves digestion.

Format: Presentation with texts and at least 1 visual illustration (maximum 4 PDF page)